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Midday Dog Walks

NOTE! We are unfortunately unable to accept any new Midday Dog Walk clients at this time, we are so sorry we can't help.


Midday Dog Walks

Give your dog a break during the work day!

Your dog may be able to "hold it" all day long, but what if you get called into a late meeting at work or run into a traffic jam? Wouldn't you feel better knowing that your pup had been given a chance to relieve himself during the day? Many dogs get bored at home all day without a break, and can become vocal (hello neighbors!) and even destructive (goodbye new shoes!) All dogs would love the opportunity to get out, sniff some new trees, and stretch their legs for a bit on a nice long walk!

We can provide you and your best friend with a wonderful solution: a professional pet sitter to provide some exercise, companionship, and the opportunity to relieve herself on a refreshing midday dog walk.

When you contact us to set up service, we will match you to one of our wonderful pet sitters right in your area. Your sitter will then contact you directly to schedule a previsit consultation, when she'll come to your home to meet you and your dog. Our clients love having an opportunity to meet their pet sitter ahead of time, where they can observe her interaction with their dog, and make sure the match is a good one. The pet sitter you meet at the previsit is the only one who will be walking your dog, so you can always be reassured that you always know who is coming in your home. If your sitter plans to take time off, we always have a backup sitter available for you to meet ahead of time.

Most importantly: your dog will be able to bond with his pet sitter as they spend time together day after day. Many clients share stories of their dogs sitting by the front window on Saturday around noon, waiting for his pet sitter to pull up for a walk, or getting SO excited when her pet sitter stops by unexpectedly. Creating relationships, providing excellent service, and giving you peace of mind during the work day. Contact us TODAY to get set up for midday dog walks so your pup can feel the love!



About Us

All Friends Pet Care was born in 1998, and we are proudly celebrating 25 years in business this year!

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Koda loves his dog walker Alora! He gets so excited to see her he does a little Koda dance. We always trust he is in great hands.


Our pets ... love our awesome walkers! We appreciate how reliable they always are with providing updates, photos of the fur babies, and we trust them implicitly with access to our home and pets. Highly recommend!

Lacey and Drew

I just love All Friends! Their staff is reliable, timely, and caring, and they know my dogs by name... I definitely plan to use their services in the future!


Contact All Friends

Contact us by phone or email.

703-716-PETS or 703-960-PETS

P.O. Box 1820, Herndon VA 20172-1820

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