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 Dog with masks


Exciting news! Our neighbors voted All Friends Pet Care a Neighborhood Favorite on Nextdoor's annual celebration of local businesses. THANK YOU to all who voted, we truly appreciate your support! 🥰🎉ðŸ�† - Beth and Pam, co-owners


PLEASE NOTE: As of 6/26/22, a $1 gas surcharge will be added to EVERY visit (vacation visits and midday dog walks); and a $3 gas surcharge will be added to EVERY overnight stay. Thankfully gas prices are returning to more tolerable levels, so we will be removing this surcharge as of 10/1/22.


SUMMERTIME HOT WEATHER DOG WALKING POLICY: On any day when there is a heat warning, usually defined as a "feel like" temperature of 92 degrees or above by midday, all walks will be shortened for the safety of your dog as well as our pet sitters. Walks will be "business only", usually no more than 10 minutes, taking it slowly and sticking to the shady areas where possible, with the balance of the visit time spent indoors. Let us know if you have any questions about this policy, or if you would like to shorten your visit time to 20 minutes (if you normally pay for a longer walk) on any of the heat warning days.


COVID-19 update (Aug 2020):

We hope you and your family members are doing well!  We are happy to say that we never officially closed down earlier this year - we have enough clients who are essential that we were able to provide service continuously.

Most of our pet sitters have returned, so we should be able to accommodate almost all requests, so please feel free to submit them!

We have a new question at the top of your client portal: "Please confirm that your house is COVID-19 free" - please make sure you answer this question when you log in to update your profile and request service. If the answer ever changes to NO, we expect that you will notify us immediately.

Our pet sitters have all been asked that question as well, and we obviously will let you know if your pet sitter is ever exposed to COVID-19 and needs to isolate.

We are conducting all pet sitting with our pet sitters' and clients' safety in mind:

1) All pet sitter/client meetings will be done with all parties masked and maintaining a 6-foot distance at all times. We are keeping the time of these meetings to "business only" as well.

2) Midday dog walks: Our pet sitters will wear a mask while inside your home, and will wipe down all surfaces they touch with an antibacterial wipe. If you have wipes you can leave on the counter, that would be great, otherwise we all carry our own. Midday walkers with wash their hands frequently in your home, and will wipe down surfaces on their way out, including leash handles, treat bags, doorknobs, light switches, and counter tops.

3) Vacation visits and overnight stays: Our pet sitters will wear a mask on the first and last visits of each reservation, and it's up to them if they want to wear one the rest of the visits. They will follow the same protocol to wipe down all surfaces upon leaving, especially for their final visit.

Please feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions or need clarification about any of our policies. You can reach us fastest via email:, or phone: 703-716-PETS.

Thank you for your continued support!

With loving care for pets,

Beth Cotell and Pam Ahart-Steward
Co-Owners, All Friends Pet Care