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General Overview


Welcome! At All Friends Pet Care, we understand how nervous your pets can be when separated from you for several days or more. It is even scarier for them to leave the one place that is safe and familiar to them - their home - to go to a boarding kennel. Our services keep everyone happy! We provide professional, attentive, loving care of your pets in the comfort of their own home while you are away.

Working all day? Our Midday Dog Walks will give your housebound pup a nice lunchtime break and opportunity for relief with their very own dog walker.

Heading out of town on a business trip or a planned vacation? Your pet sitter will perform Vacation Visits anywhere from two to five times per day to ensure that your pets' feeding schedule and routine are followed as if you'd never left.

Does your furry family need a warm body to curl up with overnight, or need extended "me time" while you are out of town? Choose our Overnight Stays to reserve your pets' very own slumber buddy for as many nights as you need.

We offer a wide variety of timed visits that you can select based on your pets' needs - and your budget. Choose the length of each visit, and mix-and-match as much as you'd like to create a personalize package of your very own!

Pricing Information

Visit Length ** (see note below) 1 Pet 2 Pets 3+ Pets Best For...
20 Minutes $21 $24 $27
  • Midday dog walk
  • Antisocial cat
  • Elderly dog or puppy who needs a pee break
  • Exotic pet visit
  • Bedtime tuck-in
30 Minutes $24 $27 $30
  • Longer midday dog walk for more active breeds
  • Regular dog and/or cat vacation visit
45 Minutes $28 $30 $32
  • Multiple pet household, to ensure that everyone gets lots of attention
  • Much longer midday dog walk for sporting breeds
  • Extra attention for lonely pets being visited once a day
60 Minutes $35 $37 $39
  • Once a day cat visits - allows for lots of one-on-one attention
  • Extra playtime, cuddle time, or extended walks for energetic dogs
Overnight Stay $100 $100 $100
  • Pets who need more attention and an overnight slumber buddy
  • One rate regardless of the number of pets in the household
  • Note: not available during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays

  ** Please note: for "Visit Length" timed visits listed above, the rates listed are for individual visits, meaning the time cannot be split between multiple visits.  Example: a 60 minute visit is one individual timed visit, and cannot be split into three 20 minute visits throughout the day. 

Cancellation Policy

Midday Dog Walks

If you cancel your scheduled walk by 10AM on the day of the walk, you won't be charged.  Cancellations may be made via email to; the change tool on the portal; a portal message; or through your pet sitter directly.  Walks cancelled after 10AM are charged at your regular visit rate.


Vacation Visit Reservations

***Please note our NEW reservation policy: ALL reservations totaling $200 or more will be charged a non-refundable deposit equaling 50% of the job total in order to confirm the reservation.***

 - If your confirmed reservation total is UNDER $200, the cancellation fee is $25 (charged at the time of cancellation)

  • - If your confirmed reservation total is OVER $200, the cancellation fee is 50% of your job total (your non-refundable deposit that was charged at the time the reservation was booked)


Overnight Stays

***Please note our NEW reservation policy: ALL reservations totaling $200 or more will be charged a non-refundable deposit equaling 50% of the job total in order to confirm the reservation.*

Due to the exclusive nature of overnight bookings, our pet sitters must decline all requests for overnight stays that coincide with the dates you have booked. Therefore, we charge a 50% cancellation fee, regardless of when the job is cancelled or the job total.  If your confirmed reservation total was more than $200, we will have already charged a 50% non-refundable deposit, so nothing more will be owed upon cancellation.


Contact All Friends

Contact us by phone or email.

703-716-PETS or 703-960-PETS

P.O. Box 1820, Herndon VA 20172-1820


Request Service

If you are an existing client and would like to request service, please click through to our Time To Pet scheduling portal! New clients please click to create an account.

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